About Us


Railroad Memorabilia collectors & dealers for over 40 years, the Allens’ specialize in railroads of the Southeastern United States, Particularly the predecessor railroads of the modern CSX and Norfolk Southern. These railroads began as short lines between towns in the 19th century and were named mostly for the places they traveled. Some great examples are: The Live Oak, Perry, and Gulf in Florida, The Wrightsville & Tennille in Georgia, and the Piedmont Northern in North & South Carolina. Others include the Seaboard, Atlantic Coast Line, Central of Georgia, and Georgia and Florida. There were hundreds of these small short lines that were absorbed as railroads grew and flourished and freight and passenger service increased. We are members of the ACL-SAL Historical Society.
Key, locks, lanterns, passes, step stools, locomotive bells, signs, and Railroad dining car china and silverware are among the items that we buy and sell. We are also buyers of vintage steamship items especially from the southeastern US.We do buy railroad items from railroads outside the South as well. You can contact us by phone or email. We are also well versed in railroad-connected hotel china. We can usually assist you with indentifying railroad and steamship related items as well.

We do travel to see large collections. Contact us for travel limitations.