A TREASURE OF HISTORY: Railroad Memorabilia

From the fine china and silver in the elegant dining cars, the brass bells, and beautiful décor in stations and Pullman cars, to the wonderful artifacts from stations, the railroad collectible world is a study in amazing pieces of our history From common pieces to rare items, there is no shortage of areas to explore and we will begin to do that on this website. Most of what you see here came from years of collecting and admiring, but this is to whet your appetite for more…..

We can identify your items, appraise them, and purchase them. On occasion, we have items to sell and can tell you if we have something you want with a single phone call or email. We do travel in the southeast to look at collections. We have a special interest in the history of the railroads in the south, but purchase items from all US railroads, and their related steamships. We also purchase model train collections.